West London Supported Internship Fair-26th January 2017


A West London event for students with special educational needs and disabilities showcasing the range of Supported Internships Projects which are supporting young people into employment.

When: Thursday 26 January 2017

Time: 9:30am to 3:30pm 

Venue: Hammersmith & Fulham College 


Supported Internships have a track-record of success in enabling young people with learning disabilities to gain direct work training within top businesses, hospitals and organisations leading directly to employment.

The West London Alliance is proud to work with several boroughs, employers and education providers in West London to facilitate and support the establishment and development of supported internships and supported employment initiatives.

Over 130 young people with learning disabilities are currently undertaking these programmes in London, with an average employment achievement rate of 60%.    Supported Internships are designed to develop transferable skills, knowledge and attitudes in readiness for paid employment.

Through training and direct experience young people will develop greater employability skills, self-confidence, customer service experience and enhanced Maths, English and ICT skills whilst working alongside employees in a real employment setting. 

Classroom-based learning at the workplace enables interns to try out different work roles, supported by a tutor and job coaches.

During the internships, the young people will undertake employment planning and job application exercises designed to put as many of them as possible in a position to move directly into paid employment.

For further information please contact the WLA Supported Internship Programme team by clicking here.

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