Skills Escalator

This unique programme involves locating Skills Escalator Advisers within Housing Benefit Teams to offer a joined-up, wrap-around service including careers advice, skills acquisition and employment brokerage. Starting in April 2015, the service - operating initially in Hounslow and Harrow - is aimed at 260 working people on low incomes, claiming housing benefit and living in the private rented sector or in Local Authority temporary accommodation.

The objective is to enable them to obtain higher paid work, which will reduce, or end, their dependency on benefits. This is  achieved through providing participants with advice and guidance so that they can fully understand their ambitions and barriers to progressing in work.

This project is the result of successful partnership working and building local links. The network of support and collaboration includes Job Centre Plus, local businesses, adult learning teams and colleges, third sector support services and the National Careers Service.

As people travel up the escalator, it is anticipated that the entry level opportunities they develop from will be filled by unemployed people who can begin their journey up the employment ladder.

Additional information on the Skills Escalator

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  • Read successful Skills Escalator stories

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