Opportunities for Young People

  • Supporting highly vulnerable young people to gain employability skills
  • Reducing the number of *NEETs by 50%

* NEET = not in education, employment or training

This pilot programme being established in two boroughs - Barnet and Ealing - went "live" in September 2015.  It seeks to support 295 young people who are currently highly vulnerable and at high risk of missing out on education, employment and training and therefore at risk of subsequent dependence on benefits. 

The group being targeted includes carers and parents; those within the Youth Justice system; substance misusers; those with special needs; and those among the hardest to engage and for whom early support is crucial in helping to reduce their risk of becoming NEET.

The programme model has been developed through extensive consultation with a wide range of stakeholders, including the young people themselves.

This new, integrated and co-ordinated service has four major focus points:

  • Enhancing, improving, and standardising the system that identifies those at risk of becoming NEET;
  • Offering a premium support service, which includes access to a mentor and employers, and provides a personalised learning and advice package;
  • A personalised 'Pathway to Work', which offers the skills and work experience needed to take up an apprenticeship, get a job, or go on to further training. It also provides ongoing support, access to job search and job coaching and, if necessary, access to an innovative pre-apprenticeship programme;
  • Strengthening local relationships with employers and joining them up with schools and post-16 providers to provide a seamless service and careers guidance, which is more relevant to local career choices.

Download a copy of the full business case  (.pdf, 1Mb)

Career Choices for Young West Londoners

London Councils have produced a report called London Ambitions: Shaping a Successful Careers Offer for all Young Londoners', which sets out seven recommendations for the London Ambitions career offer to transform the landscape of careers and employment support for young people across London, regardless of the particular school or college they attend.  For more details, please visit London Councils website

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