Skills, Employment & Productivity

Skills, Employment and Productivity

West London already has a highly skilled, flexible, and entrepreneurial workforce, who are attracted here and decide to stay because of the excellent quality of life on offer, the unparalleled location next to both central London and major international transport hubs, and a cosmopolitan, open environment for people from all backgrounds to thrive in. In order to remain competitive in a global economy however we understand the importance of continuously driving up productivity and enabling people from all backgrounds to engage with the labour market and to boost their skills levels.

Skills, employment and productivity 2018-23: a draft strategy for West London

Download the strategy (.pdf, 2Mb)

Transforming Skills and Employment

The heart of the West London Growth, Employment and Skills programme consists of a number of transformational projects that, taken together, deliver improved skills and employment outcomes. The programme has been developed and delivered by the West London boroughs, wider public sector partners, and the businesses community. The different projects are:

Transformational Challenge projects

  • Skills Escalator
  • Working  People, Working Places
  • Opportunities for Young People
  • West London Mental Health Trailblazer

Wider skills and employment programmes

  • Work and Health Programme
  • Supported Internship Project
  • Apprenticeships

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