Development of Leadership and Skills in First Line Managers  

We have developed a bespoke range of skills-based Leadership Programmes which include a variety of teaching methods, with expert speakers, seminars, mentoring and tailored action learning sets, in order to increase the competence of existing managers, and prepare those who wish to become team managers in the future.  

Newly Qualified Social Workers (NQSWs) 

We built on the CWDC framework by the development of standards which outlined what NQSW's could expect to receive in terms of support, guidance and professional development during their first year. We provided a structured programme of induction across the eight boroughs, thus benefiting from economies of scale and cross borough opportunities for staff.


A Social Work Career Pathway  
We developed a programme of sustained learning in response to local need. 3 Programmes were commissioned (advanced child protection, specialist domestic violence and specialist parental mental health) pitched at social work practitioners with a broad working and practical knowledge of complex child protection issues. Learning and Development Programmes in West London will reflect this move towards sustained and modular learning for newly qualified social workers right through to front line managers.  

Enabling the Social Work Role  
We are continuing to find mechanisms to reduce the constraints on the social work role, promote professional autonomy and minimise the bureaucratic processes which take social workers away from direct contact with families. We have analysed work flows, accountability structures, and devolved some decision making processes to make better use of social workers time. Work continues across the partnership around reducing bureaucratic processes.  

Data Group  
Each borough in West London has agreed to nominate a staff member to help with the task of collating workforce data and information that can be used comparatively across the 8 boroughs. This data helps inform workforce planning, with boroughs knowing more about their staff and therefore what they are doing and what qualifications they hold in order to progress towards becoming a more confident and competent social work practitioner.

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